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We leverage on our years of experience with admissions committees to get each individual accepted into the best school for them

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Here is how it works, once an application request is submitted on our website, we collect all your submitted information and send them to an assigned mentor in your area of interest. The mentor would then guide you throughout the admission process.

Application Review

Upon the receipt of your application, we review it to obtain an admissibility index for every applicant, a value that ultimately determine which schools we send your applications to. This is done with every applicant’s pre-selected schools in mind.

Application Documents

We keep track of all the application documents received – Transcripts, Resume, SOP and those to be uploaded by the applicant’s Professors. More importantly, the mentors at Duzproc also vet every applicant’s initial Statement of Purpose, review them for correction of errors in both grammar and content. Most times, they write a completely new Statement of Purpose for our community members – such that will not only sell applicants to the admissions committees but also get them accepted.

Final Review

The mentor assigned to each applicant schedule an important final meeting with them to review their application packets and discuss the school options that they come up with based on a rigorous research, our experience with various admissions committees and an extensive review of the students credential before we proceed to submit an official application to the schools.

If you want to experience an heaven on earth kind of fun you might want to go to the Disney World; if you need quality news on Politics, you would probably tune to CNN; if you want advanced admission mentorship regarding U.S. Admissions, you need not look further. At Duzproc, each U.S. school applicant is treated uniquely in such a way that ultimately lead to their application being accepted. Our mentors leverage on their years of experience with admissions committees to determine students' admissibility potential and then send their applications to only schools that would accept them. We also have creative writers who write stellar SOP for our community members.

Abiodun Anifowose

Abiodun Anifowose

Founder, DZ Academy

I just stumbled on this website on one Sunday afternoon and I am glad I did. The information I got from the U.S. Admissions Professionals at Duzproc is invaluable. I must say that they made my application to graduate schools in America an easy ride. Their priority was to get me accepted into a choice school as they reviewed my application credentials with me on several occasions before they finally concluded on which schools to send the applications to. They walked me through the whole process and it's no surprise that I was accepted with funding opportunity. I will be starting my Master program in the U.S.

Adedeji Olayinka

Adedeji Olayinka

Graduate Research Assistant