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The primary reason of being in school is to acquire knowledge. However, the knowledge you acquire has to be verified by a certified organization such as ETS, JAMB. One common way by which the knowledge is verified is through examination, which may be in written or oral form. Therefore, it is onus upon every student to do well in an examination. Here, I discuss how students can excel in their next exams. Meanwhile, it should be noted that all the tips I give here are not data obtained from a sampled population; I gradually learnt them as a result of my experience with students from my high school days through university.

Generally, students in their first year get carried away by the euphoria of admission. This is not atypical of students. The sooner a student realize that his primary aim in school is to acquire knowledge, the better for him. It is advisable that students develop the habit of a fire fighter each semester/term – There is fire, you go for it and quench it! In a like manner, each semester, set your goal for the exams, study hard and go ace it!

On top of that, students who excel in their exams know the syllabi. This might sound rather funny because we expect that all students should know their course content. I am sorry to say, but not many students get to download their syllabi let alone getting acquainted with them. In my view, most students who obtain their syllabi stand a better chance of reviewing them and using them as guide as they prepare for exams.

In addition to that, Students who do well in class have a mindset of excelling in all exams. They have their goals for the semester well spelt out. They are not just goal getters; they take delight in meeting goals. Therefore, they sacrifice their pleasure, manage their time and go after the ‘A’s. It is important to note here that any students who would do well in a particular subject must also develop interest in the course. Otherwise, it may be difficult to study a subject that you are not even interested in. In the same vein, it is advisable to like the teacher who teaches a particular subject. From experience, students are naturally opposed to reading a course that is being undertaken by a teacher they don’t like.

In conclusion, it is every student’s responsibility to perform well in an exam. The society use the data from the student’s exam report to determine if he will be accepted for a given job or an admission into a school. I tell you, the society hold every student in high expectation and it will only be great not to disappoint them. Hence, I encourage every students reading this post to put in their best in their school work because the day of graduation may tarry, it will surely come to pass. Why not graduate in style?!

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