Duzproc Academy offer secured admission processing?

Duzproc Academy (DZ Academy) offers professional U.S. admissions program to U.S. schools applicants especially those from the African Nations with special focus on Nigerian applicants. Over the years, we have helped many Nigerian students secure admissions to graduate programs in the U.S. We have several U.S. graduate students here in the U.S. who serve as mentors and are always ready to help each applicant as and when due. To participate in our U.S. admission program, click here and log your information to our U.S. admissions portal. Here is how it works, once an application request is submitted on our website, we collect your information and send it to a mentor in that area of your interest. The mentor would then guide you throughout the admission process.  The mentors would also help you vet your statement of purpose such that it will not only sell you to the admissions committee but also fetch you the admission.  In addition, Duzproc offers test registration assistance to U.S. schools applicants. As you may know that admission tests registration (e.g GRE, TOEFL, SAT et. c.) can become too cumbersome especially when it comes to dealing with the exchange rate and paying to ETS with your local currency and or finding a registration center that offer a very cheap service fee. Hence, we decided to offer this service to our students community and at the prevailing exchange rate with no extra charge to the the student (this is totally optional and up to the students if they need our assistance or not). If you need our assistance in paying for your admission tests registration, click here to make payments and log your information. Once we confirm your payment, we would immediately proceed to register you for the appropriate test on the test’s administrator portal. We also provide a ‘Q/A‘ platform for students to interact and help one another.

What is Reputation System?

You can earn our community reputation with your points accrued from creating question, answering questions, submitting articles. Check the point system here for details. For your points to be counted, both the questions you ask and answers you give must not only be significant but should also follow our community standard. All questions must have a question title (with appropriate length), question details (body), category and tags properly selected. Any question or answer that is not in line with education will be removed and the points accrued from such will be lost immediately. You can also earn points (50) by submitting an article for publication. Our Journal Article Section and Duzproc Q/A are aimed at providing a hub for students where write-ups/questions are in their diversity; a place where students get inspired. Hence, only write-ups that serve that purpose are accepted for publication with full points (Write-ups should be at least 2-word documents pages long with 11px font-size and you do need to login in before submitting an article so that our system can automatically index you as the author). In addition, if your article get published, you are strongly encouraged to share it on social media so that the students community can benefit from it since it is meant for them anyway. When your submitted article draws 10 unique and significant comments excluding all replies, you earn another 20 points. Maintaining a clean report also attract some points (6) and this includes but not limited to not having any negative report for the month, having your profile well updated to include your full name, a profile picture and your location (see how to update your profile below) and contributing to the community by way of answering question intelligently and in accordance with our community standard.

What are the other details about Duzproc?

Duzproc provides opportunity for students to ask any questions, which border on education and the same can provide answers to people’s question. The Journal Article section is a depository for educational publications. Any member of the community who is willing to help other students with their educational stories and or articles are welcome to publish on Duzproc. To publish your article, click here or click on the ‘publishing’ tab to submit your article for review. You will be notified upon approval and your article shall be available online immediately.
Students can ask questions that they don’t know the answers to or might not have the accurate information about or questions that they need more clarification on. These questions can range from seeking an explanation on some recent developments in Medicine and Surgery to asking for the explanation of a seemingly tough Economic theory and even questions on how to apply to schools abroad like ‘how to write a statement of purpose’ the list goes on… Just ask your question and be sure that someone have an answer for you. On the Duzproc Q/A platform, members of the community can follow any question they find interesting to them by simply clicking on the question and click on the follow button (at the top-right hand side on a computer screen, and below the question if you are browsing on a phone). Every member can also contact other members in the community at the click of the ‘contact button’ in the profile page of the person whom they want to contact. Members email are set to hidden by default. However, members can choose to make such public.

How do I ask or answer a question on Duzproc?

To ask a question, if you a browsing with a phone, simply click on the green ask a question button at the top right side of the header (if you are using a laptop, the ‘ask a question’ button is at the top left side of the screen. If you are using an apple ipad, you have to click on the ‘question mark’ button to toggle the main ask a question button at the left side bar). If you are not logged in, the system will first prompt you to do so. If you are logged in, the click action on the ‘ask a question’ button will pop up a window that enables you to ask your question, simply fill in the title of your question, select a category that best fit your question and then write a little detail about the question. Before you click on submit, ensure to include some tags to make it easy for other users to see your question. For example, if your question is about International trade, you can select tags like, economics, commerce, marketing an so on (you can use up to 5 tags per question asked). However, if the tag is not presently in our database, you can create one by simply typing it and press enter. To answer a question on this platform, simply click on the question you want to answer, then scroll down to the answer box to write your detail answer to the question (if you are using a phone, you need to first scroll down and then click on ‘post answer’).

How do I sign up on Duzproc  to become a member?

To sign up, if you are browsing on your phone, simply click on the menu button at the left hand side of the header. From the push down menu, click on sign in, that will open the sign in page. Simply click on the ‘sign up’ link on there to generate the sign up form. Fill in your username, email and password. Once done with that, simply click on ‘sign up’ button and you shall be immediately redirected to the page you were previously on. In order to be able to upload a profile picture (again, if you are browsing on your phone), simple click on the menu button on the left hand side of the header. Then click on ‘Edit Profile’ on the push down menu, this will prompt the Edit Profile page. Then click on the image box to access your phone camera for any picture you might want to upload as your profile picture and then click on ‘Update profile’. That same page is where you can also update your full name, location (e.g Atlanta, GA) and your biography (optional).
If you are browsing on your computer, click on the ‘Login or Sign up’ link on the right hand side of the header. This will pop up a sign in form, simply click on the sign up link at the bottom left of the form. This will change the form to a registration form. Fill in your username, email and password. Once done with that, simply click on ‘sign up’ button and you shall be immediately redirected to the page you were previously on. In order to be able to upload a profile picture, click on your name at the right hand side of the header, then click on Settings. This will pop up the ‘Edit Profile’ form. Then click on ‘Update Profile Picture’, to access your computer for any picture you might want to use and then click on ‘Update Profile’. That same page is where you can also update your full name, location (e.g Lagos, Nigeria) and your biography (optional).