Nigerian Traditional Music

What are the major contributions of Nigerian indigenous music to today’s society?

Member Asked on June 19, 2017 in Music.
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    Hi Adeolalee, I think indigenous music has helped to uphold and promote the cultural diversity among the  Nigerian people and beyond despite the fast evolving  globalization movement. It has also shown that the Nigerian people had their own form of early civilization as they were able to write, compose songs and play various musical instruments before the advent of the Europeans. Also, indigenous music has also helped to create a freer form of worship as most Nigerians (unlearned in particular) naturally enjoys a more demonstrative form of worship which can be in the form of  dancing, clapping, stamping of the feet,ringing of bells and importantly singing of these songs in traditional lyrics which makes them feel like they are worshiping rather than singing dull liturgy of some churches  I hope. i’ve been able to help. Cheers!

    Member Answered on June 28, 2017.
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