Western music and African music.

What are the relationship between the elements of Western music and African music? Are there really any comparism? Can it be said that African music was influenced by Western music and tradition?

Member Asked on June 17, 2017 in Music.
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    “It seems to me that African and Western music belong to the same musical ‘species’, because in both ‘musics’, we find the common elements of harmony, melody and rhythm”. However, many different elements contribute to the tradition of African music. This include call and response, integration of performance into social fabric, the cross-fertilization between music and dance, focus on sound in situation where western composers will rely on notes. The core element of African music is its richness in rhythm content, which is the essence of African music heritage. The cultural gap between this two types of music is dauntingly wide. However, Americanization of African music is often synergistic with the Africanization of American music – a process known as syncretism (the blending together of cultural elements that previously existed separately)

    Mentor Answered on June 17, 2017.
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