What is the major cause of academic failure for students, especially in teenagers and young adults

What is the major cause of academic  failure for students,  especially in teenagers and young adults

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    It is reasonable to assume that all students with the same physiological brains would perform the same way. In actual fact, a lot go into determining how well a student can perform on a test. I will explain some of the factors that may be responsible for the discrepancies observed in students’ test performance (Given that I.Q and other environmental factors are constant).

    To start with, the ability of a student to manage time is very crucial to determining the outcome of any test undertaken by him. Doing the first thing first can be really helpful to a student as he daily face many challenges and deadlines to meet. The inability of a student to juggle different tasks within a limited time can impart negatively on the outcome of a test. If students can focus on managing their time well and doing the first thing first, they would be more certain of doing well on a test.

    Another important factor is procrastination. Students who perpetually shelve tasks to be done later almost always get little done. It is not advisable that students wait until last minute to complete their assignments; this habit will eventually make them turn in a substandard efforts and do poorly on a test. A well-organized study habit could potentially determine whether a student will do well on a test or not and it can be really helpful as students begin to transit from high school to college to graduate school – three different worlds!

    More importantly is how a student respond to fear. From experience, students who are constantly nursing fear don’t do well on an exam. Lack of self-esteem or confidence can prevent a student from performing well on test. In fact, the very thought of not being able to succeed is enough to make a student fail an exam. It is pertinent to know that if you must perform well on a test, you need to first believe in yourself and know that what you have studied will be helpful on the test you are preparing for.

    Overall, we all have the same physiological brain; we are all brilliant from birth. If we must prevent those bad grades, we must imbibe all the good habits of time management, high self-esteem and stop procrastinating. The person that got the highest score in your class last time doesn’t have a special brain, he probably was only able to manage his time and organized his studies more than others.

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      Various Reasons:

      Lack of vision/purpose

      No adequate planning

      Corrupt educational system of the country where those that do not  read outperform their peers who really prepared for exam

      Pressure from friends and family

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        In my own suggestion, any student who want to progress in his/her academy must have time for himself or herself by scheduling a time table for every subject and that should take place on daily basis. Reading is very crucial for student, by reading regularly, we acquire new knowledge. As a student let take the habit of reading because its help a lot.

        Member Answered on July 31, 2017.
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